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Mystery of Capt. Alexander Gordon, Jr.'s Sword

Capt. Alexander Gordon, Jr.
Capt. Alexander Gordon, Jr. (1838-1863)

As you can see in this picture Capt. Gordon has an Officer's Sword.  As recently as the 1980's it was still in the family.  Gordon Edward "Nick" Whitfield (great grandson of Capt. Gordon) inherited it from his father Alexander Gordon "Aleck" Whitfield (grandson of Capt. Gordon) and son of  Mary Cynthia "Minna" Gordon (Whitfield) (daughter of Capt. Gordon).  Other family members recollect seeing it displayed in the home(s) of Gordon Edward "Nick" Whitfield (died 1970) and his widow Ruth Littell Owen (died 1987 in Flushing, Queens, New York).  Nick's brother Alexander Davis "Dave" Whitfield died around 1986.  But no one knows what happened to the sword. 
A second-great grandson of Capt. Gordon is carrying Gordon as a middle name and would love to bring "THE SWORD" back into the family.

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